Solar Toolkit - in development!

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Is My Roof Suitable for Solar?

Solar ToolKit app will provide a set of solar tools for site assessment, including sun tracking, skyline analysis, local solar irradiation, and weather plus roof height, size, and orientation.  


How Much Solar Do I Need?

Solar Toolkit utilizes your current electrical costs and solar objectives to calculate the amount of solar power needed (e.g., number and type of solar panels).


What Will A Solar System Cost?

Solartoolkit’s cost/benefit analysis reports the total system cost, total saving, net profit, and payback period based on cash purchase, loan, lease or purchase power agreement (PPA).


Solar Toolkit

Our Objective: Solar ToolKit will make on-site solar assessment and cost/benefit analysis available and affordable for anyone interested in solar suitability of their roof or site  

Why: According to the National Reusable Energy Lab (NREL), over half of low-to-moderate income households are suitable for rooftop solar energy. That represents 42% of the total annual residential solar potential in the USA alone! And these households would benefit the MOST from solar installations since their potential solar output closely matches their electric consumption.  

What can you do: keep an eye on this page for updates (or sign up for the newsletters) and please send us any features or recommendations you might have for Solar Toolkit, contact us.

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