We’ve mentioned in an earlier post that we have been considering either creating a non-marine version DC Wire Sizer for solar, RVs, cars/motorcycle, etc. or adding a “non-marine” standard option to DC Wire Sizer’s Settings. We are now leaning towards the latter and would love to get input here in the blog comments or on DC Wire Sizer’s Facebook page on whether the non-marine standard should just be general wire sizing formulas or should be based on or allow the option of selected other standards (e.g., NEC, IEC, CEC, AS/NZS 3000, CSA, SAE, UL, and so on)?

It’s hard to believe that DC Wire Sizer is 5 years old and we just had our first reported issue.  An issue that only affected iPads running DC Wire Sizer 1.1.  We not only resolved the reported issue but added a related enhancement that allows users editing existing wire run to convert Unit of Measure between "feet" to “meters”.

We also included a customer requested enhancement to add "Solar PV Cable" to the list of wire types for those installing solar panels on their boat.  

Solar PV Cable in the Wire Types

Solar PV Cable in the Wire Types

Please feel free to send us any recommendations for changes and enhancements that you would like to see in the next general release.  Thank you!

We are excited to announce that DC Wire Sizer has completed Alpha testing and that all of the recommended UI changes have been implemented.  The Beta release testing will start on April 28.   Big thank you to all of our testers!

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