Dirty Dog Software (DDS) is named after Chrissy - the not always so black lab, especially when covered with mud and a “T” shirt that said “Dirty Dogs Have More Fun” (Chrissy would wholeheartedly agree).

Dirty Dog Software has been a licensed iPhone development shop since 2008 (early iOS beta SDK developers and VIP attendee at 2008 WWDC). The principals have over 30 years of R&D software engineering experience.  The current focus is on developing quality marine and green energy applications specifically for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. 

We are American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) members.


Dirty Dog Software is a 100% solar powered iOS development.

Think Green, Act Green.

The Staff

The DDS staff have a combined 42 years of commerical software development, support, and dog feeding experience. What else do we all have in common, aside from dogs and coding, we are all sailors, divers, hockey players, and occasional surfers.  We combine software development with over 30 years of sailing and power boating experience including fully rewiring and refurbishing numerous boats.


Julia Ashmun, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Big Admin Dog, responsible for administration, strategic planning, pr/marketing, co-UI/UX design, puppy coding, tech writing, quality assurance (QA) plans, managing Alpha/Beta testing and customer support. Julia has 12 years of commercial R&D engineering plus 15 years of development and management in 9 industries including her previous software management position at Harvard University. Hobbies include scuba diving, sailing, surfing, ice hockey, soaring, flying, poker, chess, and shark tagging.

Specialties: portfolio and project management (e.g., Project+, Agile, Kanban, Jira Scrum, etc.), Point of Sale (POS), Credit Card Compliance (PCI), consulting, building new development shops, and managing the development of or developing sustainable applications to support organizational growth, efficiencies and absolute user satisfaction.

Skills: system design/implementation, story mapping, mind mapping, development infrastructure, ITIL, iOS, QA, Swift (and SWIFT), Objective-C, C, SQL, Perl, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Joomla, and Assemble (OS, communication, & microcode).  

Julia Ashmun, Managing Partner
Gayle Dunham, Managing Partner

Gayle Dunham, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer

Principal Coding Dog, 20+ years of commercial, industrial, and academic engineering. Degree in Engineering with 5 years working on submarine systems and 4 years at SolidWorks (CAD software) plus 11 years of iOS development. Responsible for strategic planning, architectures, infrastructure, UI design, development, quality assurance (e.g., test-driven, continuous integrated, volume, performance, etc.) and release process.  Hobbies include diving, sailing (engine repair, rigging, electrical and more), surfing, ice hockey (goalie), lacrosse, and driving a backhoe.

Skills/Standards: iOS, Web development, Architecture, Story mapping, Mind Mapping, Code review, Swift, Objective-C, C, C++, Perl, pascal, lisp, Javascript, PHP, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, SQL, XML,  SOAP,  HTTP,  HTML, CSS,  VRML, bash, awk, sed, basic, Joomla, and Assemble.  

Programming Libraries: UIKit, ARKit (soon Reality Composer and RealityKit), CoreData, WatchKit, CloudKit, Crashlytics, TestFlight SDK, MessageUI, CoreGraphics, Foundation, OpenGL ES, jQuery, CPAN Perl Libraries, Spatial Corp. ACIS 3D Toolkit,  TCL (Tool Command Language).

Community: Stack Overflow: GayleDDS, top 5% this quarter, GitHub: GayleDDS.

Hilary, Project Manager and Miracle Worker

Backup Support Dog, Backup Web Puppy and Major Cat Wrangler (aka Project Manager), Hilary keeps us all on track. Hilary brings over 11 years of project management experience and is fluent is a number of foreign languages.  Hobbies include diving, sailing, ice hockey, and driving the backhoe.


Hilary, Project Manager
Brenna, Auxiliary Support

Brenna, Auxiliary Support

Backup Support Dog, Brenna brings over 12 years of professional customer support and is also fluent is a number of foreign languages. Hobbies include sailing, ice hockey, mountain biking, and tele skiing. Did we mention that Brenna also works on a lobster boat as a stern-man. Definitely brings home the lobster.

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