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NOTE: the screen style (not functionality) have significantly changed with the release of iOS 11 and we are currently developing the next general release, so we have not updated the screen shots in the press kit and on the web site, yet.  Please contact us for the most updated screen prints.  

Solar ToolKit - Press Kit (select individual items in Bold or select Press Kit Package below): 

NOTE: Solar ToolKit is currently in development. This press kit page will be updated prior to release.  

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For more information, please contact:  Julia Ashmun, Managing Partner.


Press Releases

Boston, Massachusetts -- June 4, 2013 -- Dirty Dog Software is proud to announce the release of DC Wire Sizer, "Your Complete Marine DC Wire Sizing Tool" for the iOS devices (Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad).  

Whether you are a weekend boater or in a marine profession, DC Wire Sizer is an indispensable tool for anyone adding, upgrading or inspecting marine DC wiring. Toggle quickly and easily between the Sizer Wizard (4 easy steps to sizing a wire) or Sizer Pro, a single view for entering and displaying the wire information and results (wire size, voltage drop and ampacity).  

All too often boat wire is either oversized, costing you more money or worse, the wire is undersized potentially causing damage to motors and electronics and wasting energy. There is also an increased risk of  failing an insurance survey or, worse, a fire. The #1 cause of boat fires is DC wiring faults! 

Both the Sizer Pro and the Sizer Wizard determine the proper wire size along with the voltage drop (VD) and ampacity using the ABYC E-11 or ISO 10133 formulas and tables.

For the occasional boater or novice, the "Sizer Wizard" provides a simple solution that requires answers to 4 easy questions. In each of the questions, the user finds information, tips and help text instantly accessible.   Within a short time, even the novice will likely switch to "Sizer Pro", the more advanced and straightforward interface preferred by professionals.

Designed for marine professionals, "Sizer Pro” is tailored for speed, with advanced options.  No need to write down all of the wire run information (e.g. wire size, length, wire type, color, name, and more).  DC Wire Sizer let’s you calculate and save wire runs at the same time.  Saved wire runs can be reviewed, edited, emailed or exported any time.  Add a wire description or job name to the wire run and assign it to a project name (i.e boat name, owner or work order).  Mark the wire run as  "Complete" or “Cancelled”, re-order wire runs within a project or move them between projects.

Tired of adding wire runs in order to figure out what to purchase and how much?  To assist you and limit your frustration, DC Wire Sizer sums the active wire runs for you by wire size (e.g.. 8 AWG) and type (e.g. Safety Duplex, Battery Cable, and Primary Wire).  

DC Wire Sizer support both North American (ABYC, CFR and Canadian) or International (ISO) marine standards, three Wire Gauge Type (AWG, SAE, or MM2), two Unit of Measure (Feet or Meters), three Methods of Measuring (Round Trip, One-Way or Positive/Negative wire lengths) and more.

DC WireSizer 1.0 is being offered at a price of only $2.99 at App Store.  More information is available at  Media and PR Contact: Julia Ashmun, Managing Partner.